With over nine years of experience working with hundreds of couples, I've developed many methods for achieving the joyful, natural wedding and engagement photographs I am known for. In this resource, I am delighted to share five tips that will help you get those results too!

1) Don’t stress the small stuff

When we’re stressed or thinking about something outside of the moment, it shows. Weddings inevitably have things that can go wrong. A rip in the dress or veil. A forgotten item at home. An unexpected or disruptive guest. I make sure to remind my couples to stay present and focus on what really matters.

We didn't let a newly discovered large iron stain on the bride's dress detract from this special moment with her mom.

2) Have fun and laugh

The most natural smiles come from real laughter. I love to make my couples laugh with silly questions, classic dad jokes, and fun prompts. But even better, I love capturing their laughter during speeches as seen here at  632 on Hudson.

3) Utilize your wedding party

When we’re with our friends, we’re at ease and at our most natural state. I love getting the bridesmaids and groomsmen involved. They’re your besties, your hype crew - let’s utilize that energy!

4) Don’t break the fourth wall

For the majority of the day, I recommend that couples not look at the camera. This helps me capture more moments and indirectly tells your friends and family to do the same. The result: natural, photojournalistic coverage and timeless photos you'll love to look back on.

5) Keep Moving

From big movements like walking and dancing to more subtle movements like a kiss on the cheek, don’t get static or stuck in a pose or position. My approach is to provide advice and guidance and let you move naturally in whatever way best fits your relationship. The result? Natural, joyful photos true to you!

more natural and joyful wedding day images:

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Weddings are a celebration.

You deserve joyful, authentic images.

Reach out to me today to see if I'm available for your date. I'd love to capture your joy and the beauty of your day!